Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Elecare is like regular formula, but is more broken down - for easier absorbsion.

The pump came with a back pack to house the bag and pump, but we have to turn it off so often that it didn't work. We use an 's' hook to secure the formula in a basket that holds everything. We can easily take the basket in the car too, and it stores wellin the wheelchair backpack.

The bag is attached to the pump.

The rate and dose are set for this 'feeding'.

All the essentials.

Prime the tube. Other wise you'll pump air into the kiddos belly!

We use the 'Y' port for easier medicine dosing.

Connected to the bag tube, with clamp closed.

Clamp open.

We use thick paper towels rather than gauze. Viva brand is soft and clothlike. It's less expensive and stands up better .

The tube is in and locked. Line up the two black dots to unlock and  release.

The pump is on and running.

Henry's tired of being messed with.

He really wants to cuddle with his breakfast!

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