Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thank you!

Henry had physical therapy with Dafni today. Henry was falling asleep in the van on the way, so he was not thrilled to be working out! We did get an opportunity to tilt his chair all the way back. He seems to be quite comfy in the chair when it's inclined all the way. He rested well while we were waiting for Dafni. We were in the small gym. There is a mat on a hydraulic system. It's like th blue mats from gym class, but in a system that moves up and down to accommodate special needs.
We always have a goal, when working with Henry and his stretching. Currently we are flexing his hips, helping him learn to use muscles for transition between laying, sitting, and eventual standing. He's doing well, and we see improvement. It's frightening sometimes, to have hope that he'll walk. But I keep taking him to physical therapy, now for preventative measures. It seems less dangerous to stave off the need for surgery than to have hope for him being able to walk.
The insurance finally accepted our request for Pediasure. We spoke with the distribution company and should be receiving a months supply within the week. What a relief!

Henry's sleeping right now. He had a restless night, and a busy afternoon. Today during his PT I noticed white trying to pop through some swollen and red gums. He's getting an eye tooth! Poor kidlet! Those are the worst!

In other blogging news, I read a blog today about a mom and a dad at odds over feeding their toddler. Bird on the Street. It gave me a chuckle and a little pain. Sometimes we forget how we suffered and struggled. I hope that as things get easier with Henry, and as we become more accustomed to his needs, we don't complain, and that we remember how tough it was. I don't want to take our great fortune for granted. We have a son, we have wonderful clinicians, friends and family, we have healthy and thriving children... we have love and simple pleasures.
Imagine how difficult life might be for us, if we lived in a rural area, or that we didn't have such amazing health coverage.

Products... Etsy store owners...

Henry's Heroes Facebook page is hosting a fundraiser! We're trying to raise money to buy a van or alter the currently family van so that Henry's wheelchair can be used with more efficiency.

Here's how it works:
Kind folks donate items.
Kind folks purchase these donated items.

What's been donated?
Handmade items
Dolls Cloths

What can be donated?

Are you a crafter? Are you a collector wishing to make some space for new purchases? Do you scrapbook? Do you have a pile of crocheted or knitted hats and scarves that have no home? Do you have a box full of hand stamped cards that have no where to live? Consider give these items a home on Henry's Heroes Fundraiser!

Are you a business owner? Does your company offer services? Consider donating a certificate for services to Henry's Heroes Fundraiser!

Do you have an Etsy shop? Do you have a website? Consider donating an example of your goods and wears to Henry's Heroes.

We link all items (unless requested otherwise) back to the original donor. Your website and Facebook page with be visited by folks interested in your goods and services!


Want to donate - send an email (tritegreen@gmail.com) with a picture of the item, the suggested retail value, and where the item ships from.

We will build treasuries. We will Tweet, Facebook and blog about your shop and your Henry's Heroes products!

Anything helps!
Thank you for reading,
and good luck with your sales!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Pages/Index and general update!

The index has been added to with info about advertising! There is also a bit about Henry and an index with scheduled appointments for doctors and therapists. We spoke with his one of his physical therapists today, and will be adding a massage therapist to his weekly schedule. We are also waiting to hear from the Eye Institute in Portland, for an official diagnosis of Henry's vision impairment. We suspect it's Cortical Visual Impairment as his Mri suggested, but need an official write up to plug Henry into the right therapy!

We measured Henry's wheelchair, and it officially does not fit into the minivan unless we take it apart and fold it up... So, I guess we'll be getting well acquainted with the manual! The chair arrived last Monday, and we have yet to take it out. I'm not that brave yet!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Etsy and Facebook

We are currently attempting to marry this blog, the facebook page and your stores in the attempts to raise awareness for Cerebral Palsy and funds for a van for Henry.

We can't sell other peoples handmade items. If you would like to list an item in your Etsy store (donate funds made from that item through the link on this blog), let us know it's for Henry's Heroes and we'll advertise your shop and the items for sale for donation!

There's an example of how it could look in your Etsy store at Rebecca's Whims. Rebecca has committed to adding the total from the sales of the items in the Henry's Heroes section, to the link on the right of this blog! We'll be able to keep a running total! :-)

Another way that we can raise $$ is to sell space on our blog. Simply send an image no larger than 200x200 pixels and the web address you'd like to like to, (blogs, etsy stores, other sites!) and we'll put it up on this blog! There aren't a lot of visitors yet, and prices will reflect that. Email me for details. (tritegreen @ gmail.com)