Sunday, November 28, 2010

Etsy and Facebook

We are currently attempting to marry this blog, the facebook page and your stores in the attempts to raise awareness for Cerebral Palsy and funds for a van for Henry.

We can't sell other peoples handmade items. If you would like to list an item in your Etsy store (donate funds made from that item through the link on this blog), let us know it's for Henry's Heroes and we'll advertise your shop and the items for sale for donation!

There's an example of how it could look in your Etsy store at Rebecca's Whims. Rebecca has committed to adding the total from the sales of the items in the Henry's Heroes section, to the link on the right of this blog! We'll be able to keep a running total! :-)

Another way that we can raise $$ is to sell space on our blog. Simply send an image no larger than 200x200 pixels and the web address you'd like to like to, (blogs, etsy stores, other sites!) and we'll put it up on this blog! There aren't a lot of visitors yet, and prices will reflect that. Email me for details. (tritegreen @

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  1. Hi there - I'd be interested in buying an add space but I can't use that email link. Are you able to email me the details? My email is jorpins_blog [at] Thanks :)