Sunday, May 26, 2013

More Time...

...for Henry.

We have been handling things for Henry, like he's a our patient. Every two hours Dad gives him medicine and we feed him. We sooth him when he cries, clean him, wash his face, change his diapers and attend to the infection in his gtube.

Henry's hospice team promises to give us time to spend with him that is less stressful, in the last bit of time he has. They will be helping us care for his medical needs, at home on a regular basis. We can enjoy him.

Our friends and family have reached out. Their feelings of grief and helplessness are unmistakable. We understand the need to 'do' something, when there is nothing that we can 'do' to change the situation. So, in the spirit of taking action, when you can't change the future, our family has discussed the things might make it easier for us to enjoy our Henry. We want to spend time loving him and each other while creating lasting memories.

First: The Mundane
~Food is always welcome. Meals for the freezer are great. Certificates for pizza or take out are good too.
~Coffee. We love coffee.
~We could also use some help with folding laundry and dishes.
~We also need to fix the yard. We are planning to get a couple of yards of dirt to fix the mess a 'friend' left of our front yard, but we need bodies to help move it and rake it.
~Gas for the van.
~Cash and gift certificates. (Home improvement, groceries, household supplies)

Second: Extra Ordinary
~Tickets to the Oregon Zoo or Wildlife Safari

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