Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Heart in your hand.

Little Henry. Screamed for nearly 36 hours. He took a 3 hour break at about 3am. Noah called the GI doc, to find out if we could do something. We're venting him every hour, sometimes more. He's getting teeth, so he sucks air, swallows it and isn't able to burp. We are exhausted, and needed some support from Henry's medical professionals... Noah called at 9am. The nurse called back when she got on shift at 10:30 - "do you think your GP could handle Henry's GTube issues?" By 5pm we had been passed around to three doctors, and two prescription have been called in to the pharmacy. Dr. Wadie is on Emergency Medical Leave. His ex-partner flat refused to see Henry. His other ex-partner spoke to Noah, said to give Henry two medications that are unrelated to our issues. When Noah asked who we call in case something like this came up again, she said "Well I guess you could call me and I could see if I could help." Thanks.

When we needed to get a diagnosis for Henry's vision, we saw Dr. Polanski. Once at 5mo. "Come back in 3 months and we'll do some tests." We went back. "I'm going to send you to Portland at Casey Eye Institute. They have better equipment and a peds department." Dr. Carr in Portland said Henry had a 'pale' retina, but said nothing about his ability to see...
This February we were invited to a clinic, rather than do the 5 hour drive back to Casey Eye Institute. We finally have a clear understanding of how well Henry sees.
I could go on... seriously. But I won't.

We felt unimportant. We felt like Henry's health and well being are compromised. The GI doctor that Noah eventually spoke with offered no solutions, and said "Welcome to parenthood!" before she hung up. What? People say dumb stuff all the time... "Does he complain about a stomach ache?" No, he can't talk. He doesn't tell us anything.

He's quiet now.

He's 'playing' in his wheelchair.

It's snowing... We'll take a walk in it tomorrow, if the sky clears.

Hope... I'm hoping for some clarity. Peace. And I'm hoping that we can find a way to get some consistent and helpful support from the medical establishment. 


  1. You poor things. I sure hope things get better.


  2. The Doctor doesn't have back up for his patients? WTF! That's unacceptable. What they should have told Noah was "Welcome to Government run Health care!" That being vented.

    Teething is bad enough let alone with Henry Not being able to to you. What did you do for him when he's cut teeth before. I know he's getting molars in which always seem to hurt more. Becca you have to older kids what did you do for them....think. You may have to adapt it some way for him but what ever you did for them should at least help a little.

    I know you've probably tried that already... but I thought I'd throw it out any ways. I Pray those teeth cut through soon and that you'll find a Really Doctor that Hears what your saying!

  3. I don't know what to that would help anything....but I AM here always...and H O P E is here by my side....I love you !!! As always...XOXOXO