Monday, December 13, 2010


We're gearing up for a busy few weeks. Henry has fittings for his braces, and a meeting with the anesthesiologist this week. He's already met with one PT and his ET. We went over some vision stimulus tools. They call it augmentative and alternative therapy. We have a light box on loan, and a toy hooked to a switch. It's Henry's first attempt at cause and effect using a switch. The light startles him, so we'll introduce both things slowly. I love the light box. I think we could even use it without the light on.
Light Box

Switch box. We plug the box intot he outlet, plug the ball and the 'switch' into the box.

'Switch' for henry to turn on the toy. It response with a light touch instantly.

The toy lights up and rotates when triggered by the 'switch'

Toy when not triggered.

We'll continue to try adding these excersizes to his daily routine. There are only so many hours in a day!
We've also just got instruction on massage. Henry's tummy sometimes gets uncomfortable from his eating issues. He can't take in enough water so suffers from bouts of constipation. The message should help 'move things along.'

That's what we did Monday! Bring on Tuesday! 


  1. Every time I read your blog I am blown away by the love and care Henry is receiving - what a strong family you must have! This gadget looks kind of cool too, I like that there is someone out there researching and designing things to help kids 'play' in whatever way they can...