Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Ok, we have a final date for surgery. December 23rd. We'll be in the hospital over the holiday. I'm trying to stay upbeat. Christmas this year will be a bare one, anyway. I wonder id the timing is the Universes way of forcing us to focus on the right stuff!
Christmas, is about family for us. Gratitude for life and family. If one of us has to be in the hospital, then we'll all be at the hospital. I'll ask the big kids to help me decorate with handmade snowflakes and paper ornaments. We'll wrap up my little herby dolls and give them to any other children that have to be in surgery recovery too. If we focus on how fortunate we are, we won't have time to feel sorry for ourselves!

Prayers and positive thoughts are welcome! (If you want to send paper snowflakes to decorate Henry's hospital room, send me an email ( tritegreen @ gmail . com ) and I'll give you our mailing address.)

Next week we have the leg brace fitting. After that we have the final fitting for the wheelchair, with accomidations to be made for the Gtube.

I'm still waiting on a call from a masseur... we may need to make a few more phone calls to get that ball rolling. January we will revisit the Cortical Visual Impairment, and hopefully get an official diagnosis - so that we can start therapy for his vision!


  1. <3 I will be praying you and Kap have my number don't be afraid to use it if you just want to hear a voice of support.

  2. sound like an excellent plan! may the whole family be well and may henry's surgery be successful! respect, miss. xoxoxox

  3. Hope you enjoy the holiday even if the setting is unconventional.

  4. I hope I can convince a relatively hot nurse to dress up as a relatively sexy elf.