Saturday, March 24, 2012

Mystery Crying

Since birth, Henry has had abnormal bouts of crying. The doctors didn't want to look at it, because "babies cry". It was the same with vomiting. He threw up, all the time. Not simple spitting up, but full emptying of his stomach. Sometimes, several times a day. We were constantly feeding him, trying to keep him nourished.

After the diagnosis of Henry's lazy epiglottis, and gtube surgery, the vomiting stopped! But the crying continues.

We have read pages and pages of  information on brain injuries trying to puzzle out the cause. His doctors have no clue or suggestion for treatment. We suspect it may be a neurological issue, but are unable to corroborate our suspicions.

We live with it. Sometimes gracefully, sometimes not.

Hopefully, someone will be able to tell us why. Hopefully it will be treatable.

Until then - at least we still have hope.

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